A Prayer



Come, give, yield all your strength to me!

From far a low word breathes on the breaking brain

It's cruel calm, submission's misery,

Gentling her awe as a soul predestined.

Cease, silent love! My doom!


Blind me with your dark nearness, O have mercy,

beloved enemy of my will!

I dare not withstand the cold touch that dread.

Draw from me still!

My slow life! Bend deeper upon me, threatening head,

Proud by my downfall, remembering, pitying

Him who is, him who was!



Together, folded by the night, they lay on earth. I hear

from far her low word breathe on my breaking brain.

Come! I yield. Bend deeper upon me! I am here.

Subduer, do not leave me! Only joy, only anguish,

Take me, save me, soothe me, O spare me!